Assam Sewpur Estate Reserve from Drink T

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Drink T

Company Description:

A century-old estate brings you this full-bodied, malty and spicy tea to brighten your morning and Certified Organic to help you sleep at night.

Taster’s Review:

The only place I could locate this tea on the Drink T website is as part of this Tea Lover’s Root Basket.  (And what a lovely basket it is!  Who wouldn’t love to receive it?)

This is one of the more fragrant Assam teas that I’ve ever encountered.  The aroma of the dry leaf has notes of fruit and spice, and maybe even a distant flowery scent.  Once brewed, the tea takes on a fragrance that reminds me of freshly baked bread.  It made my mouth water just smelling it!  In fact, it was the scent that told me which sweetener to use with this tea – HONEY!  Fresh baked bread with a drizzle of honey sounds like a slice of heaven!

Of course, I tasted it before sweetening, and I did note a light, honey-esque tone in the background.  This is a very malty tea.  It has a bold, bright flavor that is strong enough to help me shake off that sleepy feeling that I feel when I first wake up.  You know that feeling?  The “what am I doing up, I want to go back to bed” feeling?  This tea helps me shake that feeling and perks me up to get started for the day.

This has a clean and somewhat lighter taste than some Assam teas, it doesn’t have as much toothsomeness (is that a word?  Well, it is now!)  This reminds me a little of a Keemun in that respect, where it has a light, wine-like note to it.  The light spicy note to it is also very Keemun-like.

This is definitely a very special Assam!

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