Huo Shan China Yellow Buds from Upton Tea Imports

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Yellow

Where to Buy:  Upton Tea Imports

Product Description:

The attractive leaves consist of tender buds and fine leaf sets. The cup is full-flavored, with a delightfully refreshing character. The aroma has a light, peppery note, which translates to a wonderful mouth feel. This was the best yellow tea we cupped in 2009, and it is highly recommended.

Taster’s Review:

I adore yellow tea.  It is probably my favorite type of tea, but it is something that I don’t indulge in very often.  It is more rare than other types of tea, and due to that rarity it’s a bit more expensive.

But it is not really the expense of the yellow tea that prohibits me from indulging in the yellow tea very often.  It is because I am of the belief that if I were to enjoy it on a daily basis, yellow tea would lose some of it’s “special-ness.”  Therefore, I have chosen to make yellow tea a bit of a ceremony for me – I even purchased a Yixing clay mug just for my yellow teas!

This Huo Shan is a remarkable yellow tea.  It has a sweet, complex flavor.  Notes of flower can be experienced in the aroma and in the taste.  There is also a light, somewhat sharp spice note that approaches at about mid-sip that adds to the intrigue of the cup.

Nutty notes are introduced throughout the sip.  A stronger floral note comes through in the finish that is reminiscent of honeysuckle.  That honeysuckle taste lingers through to the aftertaste.

A truly delicious yellow tea – a very special tea, indeed!

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