Wild Forest Black from Choice Organic Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Choice Organic Teas

Product Description:

Awaken your senses with this rare tea, rich in flavor and history, from ancient tea trees growing deep in the forests of Southeast Asia. Generations of local people have climbed these wild tea trees to pluck their leaves. Now you can enjoy this refreshing cup that’s smooth, yet hearty. Drink in its enduring energy.

Taster’s Review:

Robust!  This tea has got real spirit to it – and the strength to enliven even the sleepiest of sleepy-heads!

The aroma is inviting.  It has a warm, wake-up kind of smell to it – if that makes sense!  Almost a baked kind of fragrance that translates into the flavor. It’s the kind of scent you WANT to wake up to!

The flavor is equally as warm and inviting.  As I said in the previous paragraph, there is a bake-y kind of flavor to it that rests in the background and beckons my palate to keep sipping so that it can savor that delicious flavor.  It is a bold tea – very strong – with a nice malty flavor to it.   It reminds me very much of an Assam!  But there is also an intriguing, fruity wine-like note in the distance that is reminiscent of a Keemun tea too.

It is a tasty tea that offers a very pleasant wake-up call!

Wild Forest Black tea is also one of five new teas from Choice Organic Teas that have been created to help support the Jane Goodall Institute.  Hmm… great tea and a good cause …  I like it when a tea can accomplish so much!

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