PRODUCT REVIEW: Blueberry Vanilla Matcha Latte from Matcha Mountains

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Product Description:

Made with real blueberries for an extra dose of antioxidants, this mix has a pleasant piquancy and aroma of fresh blueberries and vanilla. Our secret ingredient makes it irresistible. See if you can guess what it is?

Taster’s Review:

From the moment I opened this package, my kitchen was filled with the scent of fresh blueberries!  I knew that this Matcha Latte mix was something special!

It’s very easy to make, just heat 12 ounces of milk (or soy milk, or other milk substitute if you prefer) to steaming and then whisk the milk and latte mix together for a very dreamy, creamy, delicious Matcha Latte!  Because the latte mix dissolves completely, you really don’t need special equipment like a Matcha chasen (bamboo whisk) or a frothing device, I find that I like mixing this with my hand-held frothing mixer, because it gives the latte a nice, foamy cap on my latte, and ensures that the last sip will be every bit as flavorful as the first.

I was a little surprised by the color of this, I expected it to be a greenish gray color because of the blueberry flavoring, but, it is actually a light, creamy green color – just like a Matcha latte you might find at the local coffee house.   But, I have never found a blueberry flavored Matcha – until now, that is!  This is SO DELICIOUS!

The blueberry flavor is strong and fruity.  The Matcha is slightly sweet with a hint of bitter in the background (just a barely-there hint!) and vegetative.  The vanilla is sweet and creamy.  Together, this becomes so incredibly delectable.  Berry sweet, smooth, and rich.  Yum!


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