PRODUCT REVIEW: Matcha Lemonade (Lemonatcha) from Matcha Mountains

Tea Information:

Tea Type:  Green Tea/Matcha Mix

Where to Buy:  Where Matcha Mountains Products are sold

Product Description:

Lemonatcha is our version of homestyle lemonade offering the refreshing tanginess of lemon combined with the gentle taste of green tea. Enjoy this one cold or hot – and for a special treat mix it with carbonated mineral water.

Taster’s Review:

This is fabulous!

Is there really anything more refreshing on a hot day than a glass of ice cold lemonade?  Well, now there is – it’s Lemonatcha!

This tastes just like fresh-squeezed lemonade (my gramma made it best because she had a huge, very prolific lemon tree in her backyard.  Those lemons were huge!  Sometimes they’d get so big that she could make a pitcher of lemonade from just one lemon!  But… I digress!) but with just a hint of sweet Matcha.

The lemonade part of this beverage really is the strongest flavor, but as I continue to drink this Lemonatcha, I notice the flavor of the Matcha develop.  However, even by the end of the glass, the Matcha is not a strong, overbearing presence – but I don’t think I want it to be.  This is just perfect – just the way it is.

And even though the Matcha is not strong here, you still get the great health benefits of Matcha. It is sweet – pleasantly so, but not too sweet … err… remember that old commercial “not too tart and not too sweet”?  That fits with this beverage as well.

This is so yummy!  I suggest stocking up on this for the summer!  This will be your new favorite lemonade – and the kids will love this too!

3 thoughts on “PRODUCT REVIEW: Matcha Lemonade (Lemonatcha) from Matcha Mountains

  1. I personally think that it’s just the right amount of sweetener… I didn’t find it to be needing sweetening, but, at the same time, I didn’t find it too sweet.

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