Cream Earl Grey from Culinary Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Culinary Teas

Product Description:

Earl Grey is world reknown as a classic English tea – probably as famous as Tower Bridge or Big Ben, and if you are fan of Earl Grey and have not tried this, you are in for a treat. Cream Earl Grey has a taste that is smooth with vanilla overtones, which stand out above the premium bergamot flavor – the signature taste of Earl Grey. This is a tea that would complement a meal or any aristocratic occasion for that matter! One has to think that Charles Grey (1764-1845) would have approved of this delicacy.

Taster’s Review:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I love Earl Grey tea!  I also enjoy the modern variations of this classic, such as this Cream Earl Grey from Culinary Teas.  The light touch of vanilla softens the sharp tones of the bergamot, making for a sweet, creamy tasting tea with that distinct Earl Grey background.  Nice!

The black tea base is pleasant.  It is not aggressive nor would I consider it to be a particularly bold tea, but it is strong enough to hold its own.  It is mild and smooth and melds nicely with the creamy, calming tone of the overall cup.

In most Earl Grey teas, the bergamot flavor is front and center, but with this Cream Earl Grey, it steps back a bit and lets the creamy vanilla flavors play the lead.  The vanilla is sweet and smooth and lends a decadent flavor to the blend, while the bergamot weaves its way in and out of the sip, never disappearing for too long.  That is to say, as I sip this cup, I am continuously reminded by the bergamot flavor that this IS an Earl Grey tea.  A deliciously different Earl Grey Tea!

As with most Earl Grey teas, I prefer this one served hot.  I find that the flavors present themselves more distinctly when the tea is hot, and as it cools the flavors become slightly blurred.  It is still quite nice as a chilled tea, but to get the full enjoyment from this cup, I recommend drinking it while its hot.

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