Frankincense GABA Oolong from Aftelier Perfumed Teas

FrankincenseOolong2Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy:  Aftelier Perfumed Teas

Product Description:

This organic oolong tea is especially rich in GABA, a human enzyme that calms and relaxes. The finest hojary frankincense, with its balsamic notes and citrus undertones, marries beautifully with this full-bodied tea. These rolled leaves provide up to 4 infusions.

Taster’s Review:

I should preface this review by saying that I’ve not had a lot of experience with frankincense.  So this shall be quite an adventure!

This is my third tea I’ve sampled from Aftelier Perfumed Teas collection.  And each time I try one of these teas, I am amazed.  Going in to the experience, I don’t expect to like it; I fear that it’s going to be too strongly perfumed for my liking.  But each time, I am surprised at just how much I do like it.

And I like this one too.  The aroma is exotic and heady, evoking seductive images of a dimly-lit room that is enveloped with the smoke of incense.  It’s very enchanting and I am captivated.

The Oolong is lightly roasted, which creates a faint caramel-y note.  The frankincense is not as perfume-y tasting as I thought it would be.  It has hints of spice and flower.  It is what I would call an androgynous tea as it possesses both masculine and feminine qualities.  There are hints of smoke in the background – which may be from the Oolong or from the frankincense.  The smooth, buttery essence of the Oolong seems to unite all of these flavors, making this a seamless tea experience.

As with the other teas that I’ve tried from Aftelier, I recommend steeping this in a gaiwan, using short steeps.  Too long a steep will result in too strong a perfume-y taste, but with the short steeps the flavor comes out just perfect – no need for additions – it’s just delightful as is.  While this is not a tea that I would want to drink every day, it certainly would make a great tea for a special occasion – perhaps a romantic rendezvous?  It is a very special tea, indeed!

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