Blackberry Green Tea from Culinary Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Culinary Teas

Product Description:

Our Blackberry Green Tea has a sencha green tea base, which adds sweetness to the wonderful fruity blackberry flavor.

Made with all natural flavorings.

Taster’s Review:

Here in the Pacific Northwest, Blackberries grow EVERYWHERE!  Seriously, we even have wild Blackberry vines growing along the highways (although I wouldn’t recommend picking berries from those vines).  They are also my youngest daughter’s favorite fruit, so it is a good thing that they are so prolific!

But even though blackberries are easy to find in fruit form up here, it isn’t as easy to find blackberry flavored tea.  There are lots of strawberry teas, and some raspberry teas and blueberry teas… but when it comes to blackberry teas, they just don’t seem to be nearly as popular.  So I was very pleased to find that Culinary Teas has a blackberry flavored green tea.

And it is delicious!  The green tea base is a Sencha tea – which brings a fresh flavor and buttery tone to the cup.  It isn’t overly grassy, but there is a faint hint of vegetation which gradually builds on the palate.  By the time I was finished with the cup, I could notice the vegetal taste a little more than when I first started, but it never became very noticeably strong.

The blackberry flavor is on the sweet side.  There are notes of true berry flavor in there, mixed in with a blackberry flavored candy-like (or bubblegum-like) taste.  It isn’t too confectionery, though, it seems to fall somewhere in between the two … not quite true fruit, not quite candy-esque.

It has a very refreshing flavor, and the true test … my daughter gave it a big thumbs up!  I steeped my first cup to enjoy as a hot tea, and enjoyed it so much that I brewed up a half gallon of it for the fridge immediately afterward.

This has a sweetness to it (as I’ve already mentioned), so it doesn’t really require sweetening, but it is quite nice with a little lemon (this helps to bring out some of the tart tones of the berry) or a bit of mint.  The mint addition makes for an especially refreshing tea!

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