Hong Shui Oolong Tea from Zi Chun Tea Co

Tea Type: Oolong

Where To buy: Zi Chun Tea Co

Product Description:


Tasters Review:

Oolong Tea is the “Rising Star of the Tea Drinkers Universe” according to MarketPressRelease.com and I totally agree!  I’m so happy Oolong Tea is become more and more popular around the world!

“Like black tea, oolong tea contains antioxidants, but it has more of them than black tea because oolong tea isn’t subjected to as much oxidation/fermentation during processing as black tea is. ” (Direct Quote from above linked article).

Hong Shui Oolong from Zi Chun has a great taste that men and women – young and old will enjoy!

The best way I could try and describe the taste of this one is that it has a roasted or toasted nutty flavor with a little bit of charcoal flavor. As it cools for a minute or two…it has a juicer finish.  It’s very interesting and pretty tasty!

Another winner from Zi Chun!

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