White Monkey Green Tea from thepuriTea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  thepuriTea

Product Description:

Don’t be fooled by the name – White Monkey is actually a green tea. Its flavorful young buds are hand-plucked and processed on the famous Taimu Mountains of Fujian, China. The abundance of white “buds” (very young, tender leaves) gives it its unusual name. Although White Monkey is a rare and nuanced tea that’s sure to appeal to serious green tea drinkers, it has a clean, sweet taste that makes it a fantastic introduction to premium green tea for newer tea drinkers. Notes of fresh fruit, sweet spices and cocoa are balanced with a classic green tea astringency and grassiness. A complex, lingering and remarkably refreshing aftertaste makes this tea incredibly easy to drink while providing the layers and depth that tea connoisseurs demand in a great green tea.

Taster’s Review:

This is an extraordinary green tea.  The leaves are very small and light green in color.  I can even see the tiny buds!

The flavor is very light, crisp and clean.  Very sweet, but not in a cloying way.  The above description suggests “notes of fresh fruit, sweet spices and cocoa” – and that is pretty much right on the money.  I can taste the fruity notes, the hint of spice and even the cocoa notes.  The cocoa was especially surprising for me, because they are pretty unusual for a green tea.

There are also hints of a nutty flavor in this cup … or is that nutmeg?  I don’t get a lot of grassy flavor from this, but there are whispers of it in the background.  I love sipping this tea, it is full of intrigue and complexity.

A truly beautiful tea experience awaits those who drink this tea.  It is definitely one of the best green teas I’ve ever had the opportunity to try.  I can’t sing it’s praises enough – it is such a treasure!  I recommend it to all tea lovers out there.  I also recommend steeping this one in a gaiwan for the best flavor – but strain very carefully as the leaves are tiny, even when they unfurl.


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