A Special Offer from Groupon & Supple Skin Boutique!

As most of you probably already know, here at SororiTea Sisters, we are all about reviews of all things tea.  But, sometimes, something special crosses our desk that we just have to share with our readers…

We have reviewed several teas from Supple Skin Boutique, like their Chai (mmm… warm and inviting!), their Japanese Sencha (sweet with a light, buttery tone), and many others.

Well, apparently we aren’t the only ones who have noticed that Supple Skin Boutique has some pretty amazing teas!  Groupon has, and right now Groupon subscribers in Houston can receive a 50% discount ($16 worth of teas for just $8!) on Supple Skin Boutique’s awesome teas.  But, why should Houston get all the fun?

To our loyal readers, we are offering you the chance to get in on this special savings too!  And… here’s a special incentive that is available to ONLY our readers:  Order this special offer from Groupon, and when you place your order with Supple Skin Boutique using this discount, add the coupon code:  teareviewer.  The first 50 readers who use this code will receive (absolutely free!) an additional sample (.5 ounces) of their Organic Oolong!

Savings PLUS free tea?  See?  It pays to read our blog!

This offer is available to the first 50 readers who use the special coupon code along with the Groupon discount.  Don’t forget to use the coupon code:  teareviewer for your free Organic Oolong!  Hurry, the Groupon offer expires on October 31, and the free sample of Organic Oolong is available to only the first 50 who use the coupon code!

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