Organic Earl Grey from Rishi Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Rishi Tea

Product Description:

Earl Grey is a British tea classic and the most popular tea of the Western World. This citrus-scented tea blend dates back to the 19th Century Sino-British trade of opium, tea, silk and porcelain. Our bestselling Organic Earl Grey blends bold-flavored Yunnan Dian Hong harvested from antique tea trees with natural Bergamot citrus from Southern Italy. It is the perfect organic blend of America’s most popular tea and is frequently complimented as the best Earl Grey ever.

Taster’s Review:

I was smiling before I even started brewing this tea.  The delightful bergamot aroma is strong.  I love that scent!  And when I went into the kitchen after the tea was finished brewing, I was still smiling – the bergamot fragrance had FILLED the kitchen.

The flavor of this one is a little surprising for me.  The black tea used as a base for this Earl Grey is a strong Yunnan Dian Hong rather than the standard Ceylon base so many other tea companies use for their flavored teas.  And what a lovely difference the change in tea makes here.

The tea is a pleasantly even-tempered black tea (much the same as a Ceylon would be), but, it has a richer, stronger flavor than most Ceylon teas (although I have encountered some Ceylon teas that have really surprised me).  There are light malty tones in the background.  Overall, a very delicious black tea serves as the base for this Earl Grey; one that is not content to just let the bergamot get all the attention.

The flavor of the bergamot is a bit less distinct than its fragrance might lead one to think, especially in the first few sips.  Yes, I can definitely taste the bergamot, but, it doesn’t overpower in this cup.  It is somewhat mellow, with a delectable tangy citrus flavor and some floral low notes.  As I continue to sip, the flavor of the bergamot develops, but it never overwhelms the cup or attempts to take on the stronger taste of Yunnan Dian Hong.

A very pleasant surprise, this Earl Grey.  If you love Earl Grey, this is one that should be on your shopping list!

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