Jasmine Silver Needle from thepuriTea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy:  thepuriTea

Product Description:

If you’re new to white teas, start with our Jasmine Silver Needle. Like our Silver Needle white tea, it is plucked from the buds of the tea plant in springtime and then naturally scented with fresh jasmine flowers in summertime. This labor-intensive process results in a robust, sweet, smooth jasmine flavor that’s completely unlike the bitter, artificially flavored jasmine teas out there. Drink Jasmine Silver Needle for its silky mouthfeel, full jasmine flavor and banana-like undertones. For an added treat, try it with Cuban beans and rice, Chinese chicken soup or Thai mango sticky rice.

Taster’s Review:

Perfection!  That is what I said to myself after I took my first sip of this tea:  Perfection!

My love for jasmine scented teas is well documented through my various tea writings, it is one of my top three tea “flavors” (the other two being chocolate and bergamot).  And, there was a time when I thought that jasmine pearls offered the very best jasmine flavor available.  I have since discovered, however, that I prefer the flavor of jasmine scented Silver Needle:  the jasmine ends up tasting softer … almost velvety.  And this Jasmine Silver Needle from thepuriTea is absolutely ethereal!

The Silver Needle is a delicate flavor.  It is very lightly grassy, but more sweet than grassy or vegetative.  It has a crisp, almost airy kind of quality to it.  When met with the sweet, delicate flavor of jasmine, it is truly a match made in tea heaven.

The jasmine does not taste sharp or bitter or artificial.  It tastes natural and sweet and delicate … just like the flower itself.  The sip is silky soft, smooth, and sweet.  The finish is smooth and sweet with very little astringency.  I really had to focus to see if I could notice any astringency at all, and there is only a very slight astringency which I would say is unnoticeable unless you’re really trying to notice it.  The aftertaste is lightly floral, and if I inhale just after a sip, a sweet crispness of air and flower floats over the palate.

An AMAZING jasmine experience awaits with this tea!


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