Cinnamon Apple Oolong from Teas Etc.

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy:  Teas Etc.

Product Description:

A sumptuous blend of Formosa oolong, sweet cinnamon and juicy apple.

Chunks of green apple swirled with sweet cinnamon pieces and whole leaf, high quality Formosa oolong makes this as nice to look at as to drink.

Aromatic and deliciously satisfying.

Taster’s Review:

This tea smells like my gramma’s kitchen after she’s baked an apple pie, and it tastes like someone put her apple pie filling and some Formosa Oolong tea into a blender and took it for a whirl until completely liquified.  YUMMY!

The Taiwanese Oolong base seems a good choice for the flavors of green apple and zesty cinnamon.  It has a smooth, rich flavor and it’s natural fruit tones accent the tart apple very well, providing just enough sweetness to keep the apple in balance.

The apple is a tart apple – perhaps Granny Smith?  That is what it reminds me of.  Not quite as tart as Gravenstein apples, but more like the tart-with-a-touch-of-sweet apple you’d find in an apple pie.  And the cinnamon is not a spicy-hot cinnamon.  It is a warm, inviting spice that enhances the overall flavor of the cup.

This tea screams Autumn to me, but it is an ever-so-soothing and gentle scream.  I love this time of year, and I am loving this tea.  Teas Etc. continues to impress me!

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