Peach Oolong from Butiki Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy:  Butiki Teas

Tea Description:

Peach oolong has a sweet floral peach aroma that evokes images of warm summer days. This high altitude Taiwanese tea starts off with a light floral flavor that quickly develops into a natural white peach flavor that lingers. Peach Oolong is a refreshing smooth bodied tea that works well iced or hot. Add some brown crystal sugar for a sweet dessert-like treat or drink plain for a more natural flavor. Our Peach Oolong is good for multiple infusions.

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Taster’s Review:

While I prefer unadulterated Oolong teas, there are many flavored Oolongs that are quite delicious.  This is an excellent example, as the natural peach tones of the Oolong tea marry very well with the peach essence to create an incredible flavor – one that reminds me of those summer days when I was young.  My gramma had a peach tree in her back yard (she had quite a few fruit trees, this was one of the best things about living in California!) and we could go out there and pick a ripe peach right off the tree.  Sipping this tea brings those fond memories to life, so much so that I can almost feel the peach juice running down my arm!

But even though the peach flavor is strong here, it isn’t overpowering the flavor of the Oolong tea which is lush, floral and sweet, with a buttery taste and a hint of vegetative flavor.

I enjoyed this hot, but it would make a stunning iced tea as well.  I found that a small amount of agave nectar highlighted the peach tones.  By adding a small amount of brown sugar instead of the agave nectar, the flavor becomes very dessert-like, like a fresh peach cobbler!  I have to admit, that is quite yummy.  But I still think I prefer it without any sweetener at all, because this way I’m able to not only enjoy the peach flavor but the flavor of the Oolong, which I think is overwhelmed slightly by the addition of the sweetener.

I would highly recommend this to those looking for a peach flavored tea – one that has a strong, true peach flavor.  This one nails it!

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