Buddha’s Delight from Mint Tea

Mint Tea House in Vancouver, Washington

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Tea Purchased from Mint Tea

Product Available Online at Strand Tea

Tea Description:

Premium Ceylon Black Tea with all Natural Apple Bits, Orange Peel, Currants, Cinnamon, Almond Flakes, Cloves and Safflowers.

This tea fills the room with enticing scents and brews a delightful rich cup of tea.

Taster’s Review:

A few weeks ago, I visited Mint Tea in Vancouver, Washington with my oldest daughter.  We had a lovely lunch, and this is the tea I enjoyed with my delicious salad.  When we left, I couldn’t help but pick up a pouch of this tea to enjoy at home.  While there, the friendly cashier told me that their teas were procured from Strand Tea, and this is where this tea can be purchased online, if you don’t happen to be visiting Vancouver any time soon.

This is a delicious black tea blend.  It has quite a bit going on, but somehow it all seems to work together.  The dry leaf is very visually appealing, with big chunks of apple and orange peel, whole currants, slivers of almond and cinnamon chips, and whole cloves.  It smells delightful, warm and spicy with a yummy fruit undertone.

Once brewed, the aroma becomes much more muted, but it is very flavorful.  The black tea sometimes seems a little lost amid all these fruits, nuts and spices, however, I do taste it.  Its there, in the background, but sometimes it does seem that the other flavors – especially the spices – overwhelm it.

The cinnamon and cloves present the strongest flavors here, followed by a lovely orange note and a hint of almond.  The currant and apple are much softer, but if I really focus on the sip, I taste them.

Even though the spices and orange are the strongest notes, I wouldn’t consider this to be a typical orange spice tea, because it isn’t.   The flavors of an orange spice are indeed there, but, it is much mellower than the standard orange spice tea.

This is a very enjoyable cup of tea, and makes a nice tea to sip with lunch or in the afternoon, when you want a lighter cup.  It would also make a very refreshing iced tea!

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