Cheeky Lychee from David’s Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  David’s Tea

Tea Description:

Lychees are just about the cutest little fruits around. But their perfumed flavour is all sophistication. After all, they’ve been the favourite snack of Chinese emperors since the 1st century. This lychee-scented black tea is made by placing baskets of tea leaves over big pots of simmering lychee fruits. Now getting the royal treatment is as easy as steeping a cup.

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Taster’s Review:

This has to be one of the nicest Lychee scented black teas I’ve ever encountered.  The flavor doesn’t taste over-the-top or chemical-y the way so many Lychee teas have the tendency to be.  Instead the flavor is smooth and sweet.

Lychee is a very unique fruit in that it has a somewhat perfume-y flavor, but somehow David’s Tea managed to capture the fruit flavor without making it taste like Aunt Mary’s soap. Instead, the lychee here is softer, less sharp, while still managing to be a easily distinguished flavor.  That is to say, when you taste this, there’s no doubt that it’s a lychee flavored tea.  It just doesn’t have to knock you over the head with its flavor … and this tea doesn’t.

The black tea is not overshadowed by the fruit flavor.  In fact, the black tea is the strongest flavor of the cup, which is what makes this lychee flavored tea so unique.  The lychee isn’t aggressively attacking my palate with its perfume-y flavor, the black tea isn’t obscured by that strong, distinct lychee flavor, and the black tea reigns as the dominate flavor … without taking anything away from the lychee.  A perfect presentation of flavors.

This is what all lychee flavored black teas should strive to become.

2 thoughts on “Cheeky Lychee from David’s Tea

  1. Have you compared this to the Lychee Black Tea from The Republic of Tea? It’s the only one I’ve tried, and it found it quite enjoyable. But I’m intrigued by your review of David’s Tea, which I’ve not heard of personally.

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