Genmaicha Chai from Culinary Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Culinary Teas

Tea Description:

Genmaicha Chai has delicious toasty rice notes dappled with green tea and a lively spice finish. It is a ceremonial tea union of Japan and India.

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Taster’s Review:

I love spiced chai, and I adore Genmaicha … so it doesn’t surprise me at all that I am loving this tea.

The Genmaicha is sweet and toasty, and the roasty-toasty taste of the genmaicha works so deliciously well with the warm chai spices.  The spices are not overpowering or even what I’d call spicy, at least not spicy-hot.  They are warm and comforting and well-balanced.  I taste notes of ginger and pepper – I find that these two spices in particular work in unison, providing a gentle, peppery heat.  I also taste the warm, sassy notes of cinnamon as well as the cloves and cardamom.  A hint of coriander ties all the flavors together in a very pleasing way.

And even though the spices are strong, they do not overwhelm the soft sweetness of the Genmaicha.  The roasted rice adds a satisfying level of sweetness to the cup so if you like a semi-sweet cup of chai but don’t like to add sugar to your tea, this chai may be just the ticket for you.  The buttery tones of the green tea add a hint of creaminess to this as well, providing a smooth quality without adding milk – which I typically do not add to green teas.  I suppose this blend would be quite good with milk, although I’d recommend steeping it at double or even triple strength before adding the milk to avoid overthrowing the delicious flavors of this cup.

Culinary Teas never ceases to impress me with their high quality teas, not to mention their reasonable prices.  Their products are fresh and delicious, and they are a really nice company too – I like that they have an online presence.

When I drink tea from Culinary Teas, it’s is like enjoying tea with dear friends!

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