Craigmore English Breakfast FOP from Deckan Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Deckan Tea

Tea Description:

A delicious black tea from the Nilgiri Mountains of Southern India that is very fragrant, fruity and ideal through out the day.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

This tea surprised me a little.  When I read the label and saw “English Breakfast” on there, I thought “ok, a breakfast blend, probably a blend of Assam and Ceylon.”  I figured I was in for the “usual standard fare” when it comes to English Breakfast blends.  But upon closer inspection, I noticed that this doesn’t appear to be a blend at all.  It appears to be a pure Nilgiri, from the Craigmore Estate, no less!

And wow!  This “breakfast” tea is wonderful.  It has managed to strike that balance between an invigorating “get up and go” type of tea and a “slow down and enjoy the amazing flavor” kind of tea.  It is rich and robust, delicious, malty, a little earthy, and possesses that highly prized biscuit-y kind of quality, but still has a bracing, stimulating effect to help wake and refresh you.

I prefer most of my breakfast teas hot, but I think that this would be absolutely delicious served iced too.  When served hot, it takes the additions of milk (or cream) and honey (or sugar) quite well, but is also delicious served straight with no additions.  When served iced, enjoy it with a sliver of lemon or perhaps a sprig of mint.

An unexpectedly wonderful English Breakfast!

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