Butterbeer from 52Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  52Teas (there’s still a few of these in stock, as Frank recently reblended it!)

Tea Description:

I got my recipe directly from The Three Broomsticks: Premium black teas blended with a bit of essence of rootbeer, a bit of butter vapors, some licorice root, chichory root and a touch of magic. Our Butterbeer tea is the beverage of choice for wizards of all ages, and if you have no idea what I’m referring to, please go on about your muggle life, this blend is for Harry Potter fans only. Well, okay, I guess muggles could enjoy it too. It is truly unique and delicious. A blend worthy of the 52teas brand of creative flavored teas. Enjoy!

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

My friends, I have a confession to make.  I am a Harry Potter fanatic.  I read all seven books (several times each), and own each of the movies and am slowly developing my “ultimate” blu ray dvd collection of them.  When the books first came out, I would keep reading and wouldn’t put the book down until I finished it – taking only those types of breaks that would not wait (aka bathroom breaks).

Yeah, I guess I’m a nerd.

But, there are times that my nerdiness is advantageous.  Consider a recent email conversation with Frank (aka the Chief Zoomdweebie from 52Teas … aka the Willy Wonka of Teas).  I suggested that he make a Butterbeer tea.  I suggested using the flavoring that was used for his Pot o’ Gold tea and then adding some root beer flavoring or perhaps some sarsaparilla, and some anise to give it a touch of licorice … not a heavy note, but, I just felt like a touch of licorice needed to be in there to give it a hint of magic.

This Butterbeer blend is what he came up with … which is not exactly the way I had suggested, but, it ended up being even more delicious than I anticipated.  Frank, you did good!

The black tea base is good and strong (this is Frank’s new black tea base, and it’s a winner!  I enjoyed the previous base, but it sometimes proved to be a bit too harsh, this one is so smooth and delicious – not at all bitter or harsh!) and it is enhanced with the addition of chicory which doesn’t really add a strong flavor … instead what it seems to do is help fill-in the background, giving it a very round, pleasing flavor and just a hint of coffee-like taste.

Imagine root beer that’s been magically improved by wizard folk.  What would it taste like?  I think it would have a basic foundation of classic root beer flavor, with a touch of creamy butter (butter makes it better!) which gives it a hint of butterscotch-y taste.  Maybe add a drop of coffee to it for a touch of that rich, bold, roasty-toasty warmth and to help offset the sweetness of the butterscotch taste.  Perhaps … one of those licorice snaps just happens to bounce its way into the brew.  Now add the goodness of black tea, and you have yourself one winner of a tea … this tea.

It’s awesome!  Frank managed to exceed my expectations of what Butterbeer should taste like.  I still won’t try Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans (I’ll stick to the muggle Jelly Bellys, thank you), but, this is fabulous.  Everyone – muggle and wizards alike – should try this tea!

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