Pear Iced Green Tea from Den’s Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Den’s Tea

Tea Description:

Pear’s sweetness and freshness are harmonized with full-bodied Sencha flavor. Den’s Pear Iced Green Tea is the most popular flavored iced green tea among our development team.

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Taster’s Review:

I love pears, but it is one of those “less common” kind of fruits, especially when it comes to fruit flavored teas.  It’s become pretty easy to find strawberry or peach flavored teas, for example … but I don’t come across as many pear flavored teas.  And I think I know why:  it’s not an easy flavor to capture with tea.  The flavor of the fruit tends to be a delicate one anyway, so to flavor tea with pear essence is not an easy feat.  More often than not, the resulting pear flavored tea ends up tasting like artificial pear or not like pear at all.  I’ve only tasted maybe a handful of pear flavored teas that ended up tasting true to the fruit.

Well, add this one to that handful!  Because this does taste true to the fruit while still managing to maintain the presence of the green tea.  In fact, the green tea is the strongest flavor of this tea, and it is sweet and tastes lushly green – very vibrant and yet calm … just like the color itself.

But the pear is also strong – deliciously strong – without tasting fake.  No odd flavors here, nothing tastes off.  It tastes like deliciously smooth, vegetative Japanese Sencha and sweet, juicy pear.

Oh… and did I mention just how refreshing it is?  It’s been so hot lately, it’s finally cooling down, but it is still rather warm.  But gulping this tea helps keep me cool and hydrated!   So good that you won’t even think about how good it is for you.  But it is … so you don’t have to worry about that, either!

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