Cheesecake Matcha from Red Leaf Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green (Matcha)

Where to Buy:  Red Leaf Tea

Tea Description:

When the much loved cheesecake is combined with exotic Matcha, the resulting Cheesecake Matcha is unforgettable and very delicious. With its creamy and buttery undertones and a hint of Matcha spiciness, a Cheesecake Matcha treat can easily take its place among the everyday favorite snack choices. This versatile treat adapts to the palate and can sometimes taste salty or creamy or sour depending on who is enjoying it. This varied taste makes this delectable treat truly exceptional and very favored among those who prefer non sweet snacks in their refreshment alternatives.

Learn more about this Cheesecake Matcha here.

Taster’s Review:

Cheesecake?  Did someone say cheesecake?  Why, yes please, I’d love some cheesecake!  Cheesecake Matcha from Red Leaf Tea, that is.  It’s the perfect way to indulge in the sweet, luscious flavor of cheesecake without suffering any of the guilt that comes afterward.

So I guess after that introduction, it’s no big secret:  I love cheesecake.  I’m sure that this is something I have in common with most everyone who is reading this.  I mean, really, who doesn’t like cheesecake?  But what I don’t love is the aforementioned guilty feelings after eating a slice of cheesecake (all those calories and all that fat!) and I also kind of feel sluggish and ready for a nap after I eat it.

But, that’s what’s so great about this Cheesecake Matcha – I can have the flavor of cheesecake without that sluggish desire to nap afterward.  Just the opposite, really, because Matcha is a very energizing tea drink – I have the energy to do just about anything after drinking Matcha!

I have tried this Cheesecake Matcha a couple of times now, and this has allowed me to tasted it a couple of different ways.  The first time I drank it, I first prepared it the way I usually prepare Matcha:  Traditional style.  I scooped and sifted the matcha into the chawan.  (oh, and you CAN sift this flavored Matcha.  In the past, I’ve recommended refraining from sifting flavored Matcha in the past because it seemed as though it was separating bits of the flavoring from the Matcha, and that kind of negated the whole idea of flavored Matcha, right?  Well, I don’t know exactly how Red Leaf Tea flavors their tea, but, it is all very fine powder, and sifts through my fine wire mesh.  No separation!)  After sifting, I added the hot water, and whisk until incorporated, adding water until the desired consistency is reached.

Served this traditional style, it was very tasty and very true to the concept.  That is to say, it tasted like Matcha with cheesecake flavor.  I could taste the creamy cheesecake flavor, the tangy cream cheese, even a little bit of sweet pastry.  The flavor of the Matcha was not to be overlooked; it was bittersweet, leaning more toward the sweet than the bitter.  Lovely notes of vegetation which I thought complimented the delightful cheesecake flavor quite nicely.

But, I found an even better way to enjoy this Matcha – as a LATTE!  Use steaming milk instead of hot water to whisk in to the Matcha.  I recommend using a frothing tool for this task rather than a bamboo whisk … or even a spoon, although the frothing tool is more effective and will produce a nice frothy cap.

I found that by going latte with this Matcha, the creaminess of the cheesecake flavor really emerged.  It was creamy when I prepared it traditionally … but it was super rich and creamy and decadent when I made the latte, and really, when you want cheesecake, don’t you want the rich, creamy decadence?  Of course you do!  Go for it!  Even though you are adding a few more calories and fat grams to the Matcha when you prepare it with milk (depending, of course, upon the fat content of the milk), you’ll still wind up with far, FAR fewer calories and fat with this Matcha than you would with even a thin slice of cheesecake.

When served as a latte, I found that the cream cheese flavor was just a little tangier, the buttery pastry flavor was a little more pronounced, and it was just TASTIER when I turned this into a latte.

Another awesome flavored Matcha from the HOME of flavored Matcha tea:  Red Leaf Tea!  If you’ve not yet tried any of these flavored Matcha, what are you waiting for?  I recommend starting here, with the cheesecake, and you’ll be wondering what took you so long too!


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