Black Tea from Gorreana

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Gorreana Tea

Tea Description:

Our second leaf pekoe black tea is a premium grade European grown tea that cannot be matched in flavor anywhere in the world.

Grown in the mineral rich hills of the Azores islands, hundreds of miles away from industrial pollution comes this fantastic full bodied luxurious black tea.

A smooth black tea prized for its beautiful full flavored leaves, mouthwatering fresh taste and distinctive rich aroma.

Harvested fresh annually during the summer months then processed and packaged directly at our eco-friendly tea estate to ensure only the finest organic black tea leaves make its way to your cup since 1883.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

This is a very smooth, almost velvety tea, that has a light fruity sip to it. I like the peachy notes I am picking up and quite enjoy its lighter black tea taste. I can’t say this would kick me into high gear first thing in the morning but for an early evening tea when I need that subtle pick me up without making me feel I am being jarred awake – this fits the bill!

I adore peach notes in tea as a general rule and this one is quite refreshing indeed.

The tea steeps into a lovely rusty color and gives off only the slightest aroma of cinnamon.

This tea has absolutely no astringency or bitterness within it and is an excellent tea to have daily as a regular stash tea! I could easily see serving this tea to anyone even if they are not tea drinkers. It is so easy to sip, pleasing, and enjoyable.

From Eurpoe’s oldest remaining tea company the estate is quite impressive. You can find more information about that here.

I am not saying this is by any means the most complex tea I have ever had, but sometimes all we want is a good solid dependable tea we can count on to deliver a quality brew without all the frills.

Personally I would enjoy this tea in the morning when I have a “day off” and can ease into my day or anytime in the early evenings when I just want to kick back and enjoy the moment. Its easy and pleasing. I am enjoying it now and it is soothing me into my evening quite well.

Although it is light in flavor, bright and cherry in its ways, the mouthfeel is thicker, richer, and as I said earlier – velvety almost creamy.

I think that is what makes this tea so very interesting! When you sip you expect something heavier, maltier perhaps, but its light juicy flavor makes you do a double take!

And while this is a black tea, I am detecting some almost vegetal notes within it. For a tea that is not ULTRA complex it does have its curious notes within it!

I will have to figure out how to get more of this in my stash soon and will be sad to see my little sample go.

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