Mi Lan Dancong Black Tea from Verdant Tea

Mi-Lan-BlackTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Verdant Tea

Tea Description:

Mi Lan Dancong Oolong and Laoshan Black are two of our favorite teas in existence.  Little did we know that out there was a tea whose flavor profile perfectly combined the best elements of each.  At least, until we found this Mi Lan Dancong Black.

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Taster’s Review:

Wowza!  This Mi Lan Dancong Black Tea from Verdant Tea is seriously awesome!

It’s been a little while since I’ve had a tea from Verdant (at least a couple of weeks!) and when I don’t have one of their teas for a while like this has been, I sometimes lose sight of just how amazing their teas really are!  If you haven’t tried tea from Verdant Tea, you really are missing out.  Their teas are spectacular, some of the very best that I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried a few teas!)

The brewed tea has a lovely fragrance that reminds me of a dark Oolong with its notes of sweet honey, and then there are elements to the aroma that also remind me of a black tea like a subtle note of wood and spice.  It’s really a pleasant experience to deeply inhale before taking a sip of this tea, it really enhances the overall sip by allowing the olfactory nerves to first experience the tea before the flavors wash over the palate.

As I sip, I notice a slight vegetative tone that is kind of unexpected.  I don’t usually experience vegetal notes with black teas … but here, I do.  The tasting notes on Verdant Tea’s website suggest notes of avocado, and being a California girl, I have to disagree somewhat (I know my avocados!) but, I do see where the comparison can be made.  This is more savory than the avocados I grew up with (my grandparents had an avocado tree in their backyard!) but, there is a certain creamy element to this that is vaguely avocado-esque.  There is also a slightly sour note … reminding me of an avocado that has been sliced and then doused with lemon juice to maintain its color.  So … yes, I do see the comparison.

I love all the contrasting flavors within this cup.  The aforementioned sour and savory tones unite with the thinned honey-esque notes that sweeten the cup.  And then there are the amazing floral tones that dance on the palate!  Such a beautiful tea, very satisfying afternoon cuppa!

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