Mount Gray Tea (Earl Grey Tea) from Damn Fine Tea


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Damn Fine Tea

Tea Description:

Long a cherished landmark, Mount Gray is truly monumental. Since its discovery in the early 19th century, generations of adventure-seekers have been drawn to the dense woods which blanket its gentle slopes. Breathtaking heights abound with lush, fragrant vegetation, and scenic trails offer surprises for even the most frequent visitors. Mount Gray was formed by a geological process involving black tea from Asia and citrus oil from southern Europe, a remarkable combination which continues to delight visitors of all ages.

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Taster’s Review:

Whenever Andrews & Dunham Damn Fine Tea comes out with a new blend, you know I’ve got to have it.  Like GOT to have it!  I love receiving tea from Damn Fine Teas, it’s always an adventure!  The delivery is super fast, and the tins are beautiful, and there always seems to be something a little extra.  Something that goes along with the theme of the tea.  For example, with the Double Knit Blend, there was a little plastic, black comb … kind of like you might find in the pocket of the nerdy types that would wear double knit shirts.

In the package with this Mount Gray Tea from Damn Fine Tea (an Earl Grey Tea!), there was a souvenir magnet that says “I survived Mount Gray.”  Now, see, these little extras … they might not seem like a big deal, right?  But I like these little extra touches.  It’s just that little bit of fun and cleverness that makes it so much fun to receive a package from Damn Fine Tea.   I don’t buy the tea for the extra – of course! – but it makes the receiving of the package all that much more enjoyable.

But what really sold me on Damn Fine Tea is their quality tea!  Their teas always prove to be top notch.  And I’m loving Mount Gray!  This is a subtle take on Earl Grey.  The bergamot is on the softer side here, and I’m tasting the fruitier quality of the bergamot.  Yes, of course I know that bergamot IS a fruit, however, it tends to have some floral qualities to it that make it taste somewhat “perfume-ish” sometimes.  But with this particular Earl Grey, the bergamot is on the citrus fruit side … not the soapy/perfume-y side!  BONUS!

The black tea is right on par with the bergamot here – with this tea, I can’t say that the bergamot is the strongest flavor … the black tea definitely plays its part well here. It’s a good, strong black tea … rich and flavorful, and the bergamot brightens the cup, giving it a sweet, acidic taste that is very lively!

Normally, my favorite Earl Grey teas tend to be those that have a hefty bergamot presence … a strong bergamot flavor that manages to taste strongly of bergamot without tasting strongly of Uncle Arnold’s Cologne.  This Mount Gray is different … I like it because the flavors are so well balanced.  It doesn’t taste off or chemical-y or perfume-ish, it just tastes like tea and citrus!  (And yes … this one is definitely right up there with my favorite Earl Grey teas!)

If you’re a lover of Earl Grey teas … this one should be next on your list to try!

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