Fig Formosa Oolong Tea from TeaLeafs

FigTea Type:
Oolong Tea

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Product Description:
Origin: Taiwan
Ingredients: Oolong tea, Cornflower, Poppy Flower, Natural flavor

A full, whole leaf base with a rich taste of Smyrna figs.

Tasters Review:
I will remember this one until the day I die!  I LOVE it that much!  It’s truly amazing!  It had me at ‘hello’ and at first sip!  It’s smells Awesome!!!!

I cannot express how much I LOVE this tea!   I know that’s redundant but it’s true!  It is a flavored oolong, a flavored Formosa.   It’s WONDERFUL!!!

It’s sweet, plump, luscious FIG with natural sugary notes. It’s perfect as-is hot or cold but the first time I tried this was with my husband as an ICED tea and he always has to have sugar/sweetener in it and we were splitting it…so…I added agave and rock sugar and it took incredibly well to it. It didn’t change the awesomeness at all and accompanied it well!  My husband doesn’t generally drink oolongs because he doesn’t understand them and he absolutely LOVED this one!

I can’t find anything wrong with this.  I MUST give it a 100!  It would be one I should have bought more of right away and certainly will the next time I visit!  THIS…is a household favorite!  A REAL Crowd-Pleaser!



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