PRODUCT REVIEW: Ready-to-Drink Original Iced Bhakti Chai


Product Information:

Antioxidant rich black tea, fresh ginger, spices and a touch of soy milk. 

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Taster’s Review:

While out shopping at Whole Foods, I found Bhakti Chai!  Having previously tried their Chai concentrates, I knew I would enjoy this Ready-to-Drink Original Iced Bhakti Chai, so I grabbed a bottle of it.  (In case you’re wondering, my favorite of the concentrates is the Unsweetened Chai.)

I really enjoyed this RTD Chai … although, I must say that I really prefer the concentrate because I can control the type (and amount) of milk product that is added.  This ready-to-drink iced chai is made with soy milk, and I found the texture of this to be somewhat lacking.

Yeah, I know it’s the hip thing to like soy milk, but, I prefer good old cow’s milk.  Or, if I need to go dairy-free, I’ll go with an almond milk.  Soy just doesn’t do it for me.  One thing I will say about the soy … it was less creamy and heavy tasting, which was nice for this very warm, end of the summer day.

But I was happy that this tasted as spicy as I remember Bhakti Chai tasting.  Lots of fiery ginger and warm spice.  This is sweetened, so it is a little sweeter than I usually go for when it comes to chai but, it is still a really tasty RTD, and better than a lot of the RTDs that are out there.

Overall, I really enjoyed this Chai, and I was happy to find it at my local Whole Foods.  I tried to find the concentrate at Whole Foods too, but, I didn’t find it anywhere.  I would love for them to start carrying the concentrate because this is a yummy, delicious, ginger-y chai!

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