Eggnog & Pralines Green Tea Blend from Butiki Teas

EggnogTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Tea Description:

The mellow green teas in this blend are the perfect base for a light version of a glass of eggnog and praline cookies. This tea is creamy, sweet, light and refreshing all at the sametime. Lightly roasted pecans mingle with the vegetal note of the green tea that we are glad wasn’t covered up. Dare we say it – this tea tastes just fantastic sweetened up. 

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Taster’s Review:

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE that Amoda Tea treated their subscribers with three unique Butiki Teas for their Christmas tea box?  Every month, Amoda Tea sends me an exciting collection of three tea samples, and I’m very happy to receive each and every box – some boxes are more thrilling than others! – but this box just may be my favorite thus far.

And that’s because all three teas in this box are not only from one of my favorite tea companies – Butiki Teas – but each of the teas have been created exclusively for Amoda Tea for this box.  You can’t get these teas anywhere else!  How seriously awesome is that?

This Eggnog & Pralines Green Tea Blend from Butiki Teas is the second tea in my special Holiday box that I’m trying.  And it’s amazingly good.  That, of course, comes as no surprise, because Butiki Teas blends their teas to please the palate – and they succeed every time.  I can’t recall a time when I’ve been really disappointed by a tea from them.  Again, some teas are better than others, but even those that are not my favorites, I can usually find something worthwhile to enjoy about those teas.

The green teas used in this blend are organic Mao Jian and Glenburn Estate green teas.  The flavor of the green tea shines through nicely here, with notes of sweetness and a slight vegetal tone.  There is a buttery note that melds harmoniously with the eggnog notes.  Very creamy!

The flavors add a hint of custard-y flavor that’s sweet and luscious.  The praline notes are a little less distinct, but they’re there and just as the description suggests, it’s a little “cookie-ish.”  I drank this tea with just a little bit of turbinado sugar to pump up the volume of the flavors.  It’s delicious without the sweetener, but, with a half a teaspoon of raw sugar, the notes of praline really POP!

With this tea, you don’t need to leave milk and cookies out for Santa – just a cup of this tea!  It’s a perfect treat!

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