Silky Silver Needle from Teasenz

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White Tea

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Enjoyed exclusively by the imperial family in China for centuries, the Silky Silver Needle is a top-grade white tea with a soft, smooth, and silky-sweet taste experience. An ethereal cup with a lingering fragrance and refreshing aftertaste. Pure and refreshing.

How is Pekoe Silver Needle produced?

The tea leaves for making Pekoe Silver Needle are gathered only for a few days in early spring. Teas cannot be picked on rainy days or early morning when there is still dew on the leaves; leaves which have experienced any kind of damage are discarded. Only the finest, healthiest tea buds are picked. White teas differed from green teas in that their processing did not incorporate any steaming or pan-firing. The teas were simply allowed to wither dry, thus the tea leaves are preserved most close to their natural state.

How to steep Pekoe Silver Needle?

To fully appreciate the exquisite shapes of this tea, using a clear glass is strongly suggested. Warm the glass first with boiling water and then pour 200 ml of water (80 degree) over around 3 grams of tea. The tea leaves will start to float on top of the glass. After 5 minutes, some leaves will sink down to the bottom of the glass while others remain at the top. All tea leaves will then stand up vertically performing a magical dance – An enchanting sight to enjoy before drinking the tea.

Which region is Pekoe Silver Needle from?

Our Pekoe Silver Needle is from Fuding. Different from the Zhenghe Silver Needle, the Fuding Silver Needle is famous for the tea’s thick layer of white coat, resulting in a clean, fragrant, and refreshing taste experience.

I have to say LEARNING about Silky Silver Needle from Teasenz was just as fun as tasting it!  This is incredibly clean, thirst quenching, sweet, juicy, pure, and delicious!  I enjoy this both hot and cold.  It’s hard to over infuse which is always a plus.  It doesn’t turn to bitter even if over infused.  I can envision myself even using this in cooking – in soups or rice or even with noodles.  This is a very good Silver Needle!


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