Arya Ruby – Organic 1st Flush 2013, Darjeeling from Lochan Tea Limited

Lochan Tea Limited LogoTea Type:
Black Tea

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Lochan Tea Limited

Product Description:

Your taste, your enjoyment is what this tea site is all about. Our job is to share the best products we can provide for you — and also to expand your experience with our enthusiasm for the history, the culture and the never-ending discoveries about tea and the human experience.
We bring you more than a commodity but rather the experience of the leaf, which is magical, and at the same time transcending and yet very grounded in the earth. The beautiful Darjeeling region has given rise to a unique and beautiful product that you can appreciate on all these levels. The stories of nearly two centuries in India, all are captured in a cup of tea, for those eager to see it. Let’s take this journey together.

Tasters Review:
Arya Ruby – Organic 1st Flush 2013, Darjeeling from Lochan Tea Limited isn’t currently on their website but I think it should be.  It’s great!  I totally understand Lochan focuses on fabulous quality of their flushes based on year so it could be they are already sold out of this one.  That wouldn’t surprise me because it’s wonderful.  It’s a very nice Darjeeling.  It has a medium-strength sweet-woodsy flavor to it with bright energetic notes popping thru to put a smile on your face.  The aroma of the dry leaf is one of my favorite parts of this tea experience.  It’s fresh and airy and full of life.

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