Organic Kyoto Cherry Rose Green Tea from Delicious Sip

Org Kyoto CherryTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Delicious Sip

Tea Description:

This is a fresh and smooth green Sencha tea with excellent body and depth. The bright cherry and subtle rose flavors give this tea a wildly exotic character unique in its own right.

The tea used in this savory blend is grown only from March to April and the quality is clearly tasted in every cup. The Hunan Province is renowned for producing excellent Japanese style green teas and our Organic Kyoto Cherry Rose tea is a prime example. We invite you to brew a cup and taste the difference.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

It’s that time of year again!  Spring just doesn’t seem like spring until I’ve had at least one cherry sencha tea!  With the first sip, I start daydreaming … reminiscing of walking in Washington D.C. in the spring, along the Potomac River where it’s lined with gorgeous cherry blossom trees in full bloom.

And then my mind jumps to memories of walking along the streets in Southern California where the beautiful Jacaranda trees line the streets. I’m not sure why cherry blossom trees make me think of jacaranda trees, except that they are both gorgeous, blossoming trees, and living in Southern California as long as I did … I had the opportunity to enjoy them more than I did the cherry blossom trees along the Potomac.  Of course, I do see cherry blossom trees up here (and no jacaranda trees!) but there’s something about the way the cherry blossom trees lined the river (and the way the jacaranda trees lined the streets) that make me think of spring.

Jumping off that tangent and into this teacup … this is a lovely cherry flavored Sencha.  The green tea tastes fresh and vegetal with hints of creamy butter and just a hint of a savory quality in the distance.  It’s a lovely contrast for the sweet cherry notes.  And even though those cherry notes are sweet, the hint of flower in the cup seems to keep the taste away from toeing the line of medicinal (cherry cough syrup) and keep the flavor on this side of pleasant tea flavor.  A bonus!

The rose notes are floral without tasting soapy.  The cherry adds just the right touch of sweetness to the cup without tasting too medicinal.  The green tea has a lush flavor to it – it’s soft and creamy without being too heavy on the palate.

A really refreshing tea – one of my favorites to sip on this time of year!  And I love that this version from Delicious Sip is organic (as it would appear all the teas from this company are!)  This one is great iced too!

A lovely tea from a company that is new to me … but one from which I’m excited to taste more!

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