Bvumbwe Malawian White Tea from M&K’s Tea Company

Bvumbwe Malawian White TeaTea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy:  M&K’s Tea Company on Etsy

Tea Description:

Bvumbwe white tea is harvested in Africa in the country of Malawi! Similar to a Chinese Shou Mei white tea, Bvumbwe white tea offers something different than the usual White Peony (Bai Mudan) or Silver Needle Chinese white teas. With a lovely caramel note that lingers on the tongue, this Malawian tea offers tea drinkers (experienced and beginners alike) a different experience and will open the door to the world of Malawian tea!

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I was excited to try this Bvumbwe Malawian White Tea from M&K’s Tea Company.  I’ve tried many different white teas, but very few of those are from Africa.  In fact, I think I’ve only tried one other white tea from Africa so I was excited to have the opportunity to try another.

This is really nice.  The flavor is delicate – like I’d expect from a white tea.  It has a really pleasant, soft mouthfeel.  It has a flavor similar to what I might experience from a Chinese white tea – it’s a gentle flavor with notes of hay and a crisp, airy sort of flavor.  I’m also picking up on soft notes of fruit.  It has a very clean and refreshing sort of taste.  Soothing and mild.

As I continue to sip, I start to pick up on some flavors that I wouldn’t normally expect from a white tea:  a hint of caramel!  I don’t think that I’ve ever encountered a pure white tea with a caramel-y sweetness like I’m experiencing with this tea.

Then I notice gentle notes of warm, peppery spice.  Like white pepper and a hint of cinnamon.  It’s warm and a rustic sort of flavor.  For such a delicate taste, there is a whole lot of dimension to this cup!

A really lovely white tea – one I’d recommend to any tea drinker.  The complex flavors of this cup are something to be experienced!

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