Dowager Countess Grey Special Black from Tea For All Reasons

00391_thumbTea Information:

Leaf Type:  BlackTea

Where to Buy: Tea For All Reasons

Tea Description:

For all of you Downton Abbey and Earl Grey fans, this is a must! I’ve created this new blend in honor of the irrepressible Dowager Countess. You are aware of a strong presence whenever she enters a room, impeccably dressed, with rows and rows of creamy white pearls. She makes no apologies for her strong sense of tradition, and underneath her sharp, dry wit, there is a sweetness that she tries to keep well hidden. Much like the Dowager, our new Earl Grey blend is “steeped” in tradition, has a strong, tart Pomegranate presence, with an underlying sweetness, and is dressed up with creamy white pearl dragees. Enjoy!

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Taster’s Review:

I’ve reviewed teas from Tea For All Reasons in the past and you may already know that I love their thoughts behind their blends.  I love their names.  And they are pleasing to the nose, eye, and tongue.  This time around I am tasting the Dowager Countess Grey – a specialty black tea – from their Downton Abby Series Collection – which makes a cross over to their Earl Grey Collection, too!

What isn’t overly present is the stereotypical bergamot you would find in an Earl Grey.  Instead – Tea For All Reasons has ‘thought outside the box’ (or the tea bag rather) and decided to pair this blend with pomegranate.  I really enjoy the Pom-Flavor in this loose leaf black tea based blend of flavors.  It provides a subtle tartness without it going to wild.  There are hints of cream towards the end sip that are quite intriguing as well.

I infused for about 3 to 4 minutes and eventho this is a black tea base the post-infused liquid color isn’t all that dark in the cup.  But that’s ok…what it lacks in color/tone – it makes up for in aroma and taste!  This is a nice sipping tea when hot and a jolly-good gulping tea when cold.

If you are looking for a creative blend with a little bit of tarty-fruit notes – try this one, if you are a Downton Abby fan – put this one on your list – or if you are into flavored Earl Grey’s – give this one a whirl!



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