Anniversary Blend from Tozy Tea

anniversary_blendTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Tea Tozy

Tea Description:

Celebrating Tozy Tea’s anniversary, this wonderful black tea blend features a smokiness and hints of caramel and vanilla.  

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I love teas with a convenience factor to them.  Prepping loose leaf tea is something I’m now used to and have worked that into my everyday.  But there are some days that I don’t have time to boil the water, steep the tea, and pour it into my travel mug.  Sometimes I just need to throw in some tea and go.  I don’t yet have a travel mug that would steep the tea as I take on my daily grind.  I need to look into getting one.  But until I do I have this gem.

This tea has a slightly smokey black base finish with sweet caramel and vanilla notes in each and every sip. There are slight notes of tobacco, but very slight. I actually am surprised this tea sachet can pack this much flavor.  I’ve had a few other offerings from Tozy Tea and this one ranks right up there with their Cherry Blossom, which I adore!

As this one cools, the flavors just continue to grow stronger.  I even tried making this into an iced tea and the results were very similar. The only difference is the caramel and vanilla notes were more pronounced.

I think overall I preferred this one brewed hot.  The tea gave me that warm and cozy feeling that a good tea will give you.  I instantly wanted to curl up with a book and this cuppa.  This particular tea sachet has such a simple yet delicious flavor.

Another winner from Tozy Tea!

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