Mandarin Doce et Noisette from Fauchon

MandarineFauchonTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy: Fauchon

Tea Description:

Fruity tea with zesty sweet mandarin and warm hazelnut flavours.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

The smell of these tea leaves is amazing! I want a candle made from this fragrance.  This tea is a black tea with mandarin orange and hazelnut flavoring.  I swear there is also dark chocolate in there somewhere but I’m not seeing it on the ingredient list.  I hope this tea smells as good as it smells.

I brewed this up like a black tea (212F-3 min) and sat and inhaled the wonderful citrus hazelnut -chocolate aroma.  I took my first sip and. . . .

Wow.  I’ve heard people talk about Fauchon teas before, but this is my first experience.  This tea is delicious.  There is a definite mandarin orange flavor with notes of sweet hazelnut swirling around.  I typically am not a fan of hazelnut but this one is an exception! The mandarin orange flavor is the more prominent of the two flavors so that may be way I’m really enjoying this.  Orange flavors are hard to do just right without tasting like Tang or just artificial.  The black tea base is nice because it is allowing the flavors to come thru without overshadowing them.  There is a nice malty note in just about every other sip.

Really stellar tea.  I only steeped this for 3 minutes but I feel like maybe another 30 seconds or so and the flavor would have even been more pronounced.  I wish I had a bit more of this left to try this as a latte.  Yum!

For this being my first experience with Fauchon, I’m impressed.  Now to dig out other samples of Fauchon that I have. . .

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