Kiwi Strawberry Energy from Urbal Tea

KiwiStrawberryTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Herbal

Where to Buy: Urbal Tea

Tea Description:

Enjoy this invigorating alternative to coffee, soda or energy drinks without any caffeine.  A burst of strawberry and kiwi combined with the vitality and stimulating properties of mate, gynostemma, eleuthero and more.  Contains Nettle leaf, Yerba Mate, Green Mate, Eleuthero, Rosemary, Ginkgo leaf, Alfalfa leaf, Gotu Kola, Gynostemma, Oatstraw, Apple pieces, Dried Strawberry and Kiwi pieces, Hibiscus, Rosehip, Natural flavors

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Taster’s Review:

To say I am a fan of this company would be an understatement.  I adore this company! So far I have had a couple of their herbal teas and all have delivered a flavor that was spot on.  With herbals they can be hit or miss, but everything from Urbal Tea has been delicious and ones I would highly recommend.

This particular tea was sent to me in a tea bag.  I boiled up my water and allowed this tea to steep directly in my mug.  While it was steeping, I kept thinking I was smelling bubblegum.  Yes, this tea has a bubblegum/candy fragrance.  How fun is that!

Brewed this tea up for about 10 minutes and instantly fell in love with the gorgeous pinkish red color I was left with.  Took my first sip and oh mama. . . This is some good strawberry lovin’!

The itself is sweet yet the hints of tartness that are there gently give a slight contrast.  Remember back in the day when Snapple was everywhere and they had a strawberry kiwi flavored one? This reminds me of that flavor but this flavor is kicked up several notches and tastes amazingly fresh where Snapple always tasted watered down and not so great.  The strawberry kiwi flavor is what you are greeted with front and center.  I pick up subtle notes of the other ingredients but they are much less pronounced than the strawberry. As delicious as this was hot, I wanted to try this iced.

When this tea is treated like an iced tea, you are greeted with this adorable candy like flavor that I wasn’t getting when brewed hot.  Strawberry candy flavor.

For an herbal tea, it just doesn’t get much better. I can see this tea being fantastic as a tea to serve at a girl’s tea party or just to enjoy yourself! I’m hooked!

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