Part of Fortune from AstroloTea

I am trying the caffeinated version of this blend, which is also available as a caffeine-free herbal.

The instructions call for two teaspoons of leaf per cup of boiling water, but they recommend a four minute steep.  I stuck to these parameters.

The tea is pale and fragrant, more earthy than floral.  I do taste the Assam, and definitely the calendula and probably a hint of rose coming through as a faint, round sweetness. My tastebuds kept expecting licorice root, but the sweetness is much more low key than that.

My daughter said that this tasted like pumpkin to her – not like pumpkin spice, but like actual pumpkin. I can definitely understand feeling a squash vibe from it.

There are a lot of ingredients in this tea that I have never tasted on their own so I can’t say much about those, but I can say that I am not picking up on the jasmine, for those of you who are afraid this would be too floral for you!  In fact, I don’t think of it as a floral tea at all, but rather herbaceous and earthy.

Overall it is really smooth and I think I would enjoy it iced as well as hot. That is a big consideration where I live, as it is over 90F even now in mid-September.

I would love to try the caffeine-free version as well. It would be a nice tea to sip on for a bedtime wind-down.


Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black
Where to Buy: AstroloTea

Part of Fortune Organic Loose Leaf Tea is available as an herbal tea or caffeinated black tea blend.

The Part of Fortune is a point in your birth chart that can represent good fortune, wellbeing, success and health. The Part of Fortune tea blend is a lively and flowery medley of flavors, inducing a feeling of elation and prosperity. (Just a side note for you, the day I created this blend, I received my very first tea order! It sure worked for me!)

• Part of Fortune flavor descriptors •
light ~ herbaceous ~ mild ~ mellow ~ earthy ~ flowers

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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