Elevating Your Tea Game with Apple Cinnamon Apiterra Honey

I am one of those tea drinkers that on occasion will add a dab or two of honey into my tea.  Typically the tea really has to scream for some sweetness before I add it. I will say though that I adore eating a biscuit with honey on it while drinking my morning tea. It’s become quite a ritual. And I have to say, it all started when I first had Apiterra Honey.

In my childhood, we never ate anything plain. There was always jelly, jams, or honey to enjoy. My dad and I used to devour crackers by the sleeve with all these fun concoctions on them. Honey was always our favorite. So the other weekend, I thought my dad and I could recreate this fun experience and have a tea party.

We set ourselves up right with a gorgeous pot of tea, biscuits, and Apiterra Honey’s Apple Cinnamon Honey, along with some pumpkin butter that my dad covets and squirrels away.    Never having a flavored raw honey before, I wasn’t sure to expect but I have to say, I’m hooked!

This honey has a chunkier consistency that adds a gorgeous texture to every bite.  Paired with the flaky buttermilk biscuit, you could really pick up the sweet apple notes with the contrasting cinnamon spice. Each flavor was represented wonderfully. Every bite was as addicting and good as the last. We couldn’t stop eating and even found ourselves just eating the honey straight out of the jar!

With flavors like these, this honey is going to go well with the cooler fall temperatures to create that perfect fall atmosphere in the upcoming weeks.  We really enjoyed this honey and my dad even tried to steal the jar from me!  A simple yet wonderful way to elevate your tea game even if its just for yourself!

Here’s the scoop!

Tea Component:  Raw Honey
Where to Buy: Apiterra Honey


Welcome to Apiterra, the first artisan company in the US to produce all-natural, RAW HONEY-based SUPERFOODS. We love honey and we know you’ll fall in love too after tasting our incredibly delicious, healthy and unique product.

We start each small batch by hand-pouring our pure, raw honey and adding only the highest quality, 100% sun-dried fruits and spices. We handpick the most nutritious and powerful Superfoods to achieve maximum health benefits and extraordinary taste in each of our unique and delicious honey blends.

Raw honey, APPLE, and CINNAMON are the perfect combination of delicious, nutritious, and heartwarming. We’ve all heard the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but did you know that apples have zero fat or cholesterol? Add in cinnamon, which provides a guilt-free energy perk for your blood sugar and our amazing raw honey, and this perfect autumn snack will transport you to cozy and mindful times, no matter when you eat it.

Learn even more about this company here!

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