Sessa Estate Black Tea from Pekoe Sip House

I recently started my day with a cup of Sessa Estate Black Tea from Pekeo Sip House. Sessa Estate Black Tea from Pekeo Sip House is a single estate Assam made from whole golden leaves.

It ‘brews’ to a deep, dark brown – which I adore! The tea – once in the cup – smells malty and slightly sweet. On the tongue Sessa Estate Black Tea from Pekeo Sip House tastes malty, astringent-in-good-way, and quite strong. There are dark chocolatey notes in the middle of the sip that I picked up on. But they just played peek-a-boo and then the flavor changed up to move on to the end-sip which was much like the beginning of my tea sipping experience. I guess the flavor came full-circle or maybe just walked around in a circle…either way…Sessa Estate Black Tea from Pekeo Sip House was a hefty cuppa that I enjoyed early in the morning to help wake me up!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black
Where to Buy: Pekoe Sip House


Broad and full golden leaves with a deep, sweet, and malty aroma.

A single-estate tea from India, our Sessa Estate tea is an Assam black tea made from whole golden leaves, creating a sweet and malty aroma.

We recommend serving hot as black tea or with a milk and sweetener of your choice.

Ingredients: Single estate golden-tipped Indian Assam tea.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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