Mountain Chai from BlendBee

I am an incredibly finicky chai drinker. I’ve never been a huge fan of cardamom or cloves and have always found chai spices to be overpowering. Here and there I have found chai blends that I’ve enjoyed and typically I can always make a chai into a latte where the spices are mellowed by the addition of a frothed milk topping- making them more to my tastes.

So when I received the email from BlendBee asking me what blends I wanted this month, I noticed that Mountain Chai was one of their newer blends. One of the wonderful attributes to BlendBee is that if there is an ingredient in a blend that you may not care for, they do their best to accommodate. So I simply responded back to their email with a note asking for the cardamom and cloves to be removed and they happily obliged. Not only that, but they responded back with a few more questions, helping to customize this blend just to my taste. You can’t get better customer service than that.

About a week later, my monthly box arrived with Mountain Chai and one other blend. I prepped my water, grabbed my new squirrel infuser and brewed myself up a cuppa. I could’t wait to try this new customized chai.

Without the heavier spices I was a bit worried that the ginger would take over. But that isn’t the case at all.  Each sip starts off with a lovely cinnamon and brown sugar sweetness with a slight ginger twist. The green tea base is the perfect background for this tea, adding a note of buttery smoothness.  Each sips ends with that familiar marshmallow root flavor that I adore.

I didn’t even pick up the licorice root that was in the mix, which is unusual for me. I asked my hubby to try the tea and he really liked this blend as well.  I see us buying more of this tea soon.  We are going to go thru this bag fast! Just the perfect amount of sweetness and spice. I can’t get over how much I’m loving the brown sugar and the additional marshmallow root that was added in for me. This may just be the most perfect chai for my taste buds.

If you haven’t checked out BlendBee, I encourage you to do so. With their fabulous customer service and the ability to custom blend to your own tastes, you really can’t go wrong!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Green
Where to Buy: BlendBee

A mountain of green tea spiced to perfection.

Aromatic Organic Green Tea Chai, inspired by our stunning Sierra Mountains. Designed to warm you up on a crisp day. Perfect brewed with warm milk & honey.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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