Holiday Blend Alert! Holiday Embrace from Plum Deluxe

Here in Wisconsin, we’re known for a few things– cheese (of course), beer (naturally) and cranberries (apparently). While I’m not sipping the former two in tea form anytime soon, any chance I get to rep my state with a tea comprised of the latter, I’m all about it. (But listen, I’ll never say never to the beer/cheese tea given the right opportunity.)

This holiday blend from Plum Deluxe is an absolute delight in dry leaf form. The spices and fruit are big and chunky, looking and smelling like the most delightful holiday potpourri you could imagine. Traditional chai spices mingle beautifully with orange peel and cranberry, making this tea a slightly sweet and spicy herbal perfect to be sipped on snowy nights.

My only complaint about this one is that the pieces are SO large that I’ll likely blow through my ounce in no time. But that just means I’ll have to stock up on a few bags for the long winter ahead!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Herbal
Where to Buy: Plum Deluxe

We love this spicy herbal tea shared with family and friends during the holidays. Fresh, dried cranberries are paired with orange peel and a melange of spices. The warming fruit flavor feels so good paired with tasty snacks or after a hearty meal. This tea also makes for a wonderful gift.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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