Just Peachy from BlendBee. . . .

Every summer, my aunt shows up at my mom’s house with pallets upon pallets of fresh peaches “from Georgia”. (Mind you, we live in the upper Midwest.) At first, I just thought she meant that she was getting peaches from the grocery store that claimed to be Georgia peaches but no, these were real, bonafide, no-middlemen, straight-from-the-state peaches. Where she gets them, I have no idea– but I like to imagine it’s a sneaky, clandestine peach deal that goes down under the table, away from the prying eye she of Big Grocery. Either way, wherever they come from, they are hands-down the best peaches I eat every year. Fresh, juicy, mouth-wateringly sweet– these are the real deal.

And maybe it’s this peach experience that I have that informs every peach flavor I critique.

This tea, in the bag, smells herbal but juicy, a hint of that bright and fresh stone fruit flavor I’ve come to love. While the juicy peachy-ness doesn’t necessarily translate quite as mouthwateringly to the brewed cup, this tea’s interesting combination of honeybush, green tea and peach/cinnamon flavors makes it a delight to drink, hitting the perfect mark somewhere between sweet and herbaceous. Teas like this have become my favorite dessert after a heavy meal– mellow enough to settle my stomach while still hitting those sweet and treat-like notes. And though it’s not a perfect doppleganger for my favorite summer treat, it is indeed the perfect reminder in this bleak and snowy winter that in a few more months, fresh fruit will be on the way. . .

From Georgia. In the back of a truck. Straight to my aunt’s house. Mmm.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Green Tea Blend
Where to Buy: BlendBee

Honeybush and green tea infused with fresh peach is absolutely divine hot or iced. Sip and savor the delicate peach flavor with spices like ginger and peach. This blend will brighten any day!

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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