A Tea for Cold Winter Months. . .Spiced Mulled Wine from Simpson and Vail. . .

A wine tea? That’s a new one. I have seen cocktail-inspired blends. Even beer teas. Never wine. It’s a fun idea though and one I am very excited to try.

Well, this brews up the color of red wine, so that’s a good start. Also it manages to do so without hibiscus which is a plus since there won’t be that oh-so-familiar tartness hibby comes with. It’s also smooth, like a fine wine. It goes down easy and is rather comforting actually. I’m guessing that comes from the “spiced” component of this tea which is like a soft and gentle hug. There is also an underlying fruitiness in the mix but it remains in the background, adding to the overall flavor as opposed to trying to take over, just as the various fruit notes are in wine. The smell also captures wine, albeit with less of the alcohol content.

It’s definitely a unique tea and definitely has many parallels to the wine that inspires it. It’s not entirely accurate though I think that is preferable because a hot cup of wine is just wrong. A hot cup of wine-inspired tea is surprisingly right though and certainly something new and different.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black Flavored Tea
Where to Buy: Simpson and Vail

Looking for a winter concoction without the alcohol? Then, this brew is for you! The blend produces a reddish cup with a sweet fragrant aroma and taste. The tannic taste is reminiscent of red wine and it is perfectly complemented by the light spice taste and the earthy undertones.

Ingredients: black teas, orange peel, beet root, spiced mulled wine flavoring and malva blossoms.


Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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