Harmony Tea from Mellow Monk. . . .

It’s been a little stressful in my personal and professional life lately and today I just needed a tea to bring everything into perspective for me. Every once in a while I’ll grab a tea and just sit down, tune everything out, and just enjoy what I’m drinking. . .and that is exactly what I did wtih this tea-Harmony Tea from Mellow Monk.

Harmony Tea is a genmaicha that is sadly sold out right now. I’ve always been a huge green tea fan and the first time I had genmaicha, my love for green tea grew even more.  The wonderful buttery richness that this tea offers just relaxes me and really gives me that “zen” moment.

I brewed this tea up according to the recommendations that were provided and in just a minutes, I had myself a lovely pale yellow liquor that I knew would help me move my day along.

This green tea is perfectly named Harmony because it really delivers a perfect harmony of flavors. The rich buttery smoothness with a subtle hint of vegetal towards the end of the sip.  Throughout is a lovely roasted toasted goodness that makes you warm to your toes. Oh the perfect tea to enjoy when you need to wind down and really take a moment for yourself or share with others.

I can sometimes have pretty stressful work days and its nice to take a moment to realize that everything will be ok in the long run and this tea is helping me get to that point. The calmness this tea instills in you is something that if you are a green tea fan, you have to try!

Sometimes the simplest flavors are the ones that truly hit the mark.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Green Tea
Where to Buy: Mellow Monk

Harmony Tea™ begins with a premium sencha, similar the artisan’s Monk’s Choice green tea, to which is blended just the right amount of flavorful roasted brown rice, to strike a perfect balance between the nuttysavoriness of the rice and the rich, herbaceous artisanal guricha-style tea, so that one flavor doesn’t mask the other. Even the guricha’s overtones of melon and berry are preserved in the overall flavor profile.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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