Romancing the Beach from Beach House Teas. . . . .

First of all, a name like this– Romancing the Beach? So fancy, you guys. Also maybe a little risqué, no?

Sassy name or not, this one had a lot of promise for me, a blend of red rooibos with strawberry and cacao, a touch of hibiscus and rose. Brewed, it’s a beautiful pink (hello, hibiscus!) and smells like a light, floral rooibos. I’ll admit– I had HIGH hopes for the flavor. Cacao? Strawberries? GIMME. But it fell a tiny bit flat on the complexity for me. It was a great rooibos blend, none of that medicinal ick that sometimes is all too present in a red rooibos. But I think I was expecting something more reminiscent of chocolate-covered-strawberries, but I mostly just got a tart, floral rooibos from this cup.

That being said– if I were to make this one again, I think it would be a STELLAR iced tea. Perfect for sipping on a beach– while romancing the beach, even? I’ll defer to Beach House’s expertise on this one.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Rooibos
Where to Buy:  Beach House Teas

Romancing the Beach is 100% organic loose leaf tea blended with red rooibos tea, Oregon Hood Strawberries, hibiscus, rose petals, rose hips and cocoa nibs because love is always in the air at the beach! This blissful tea is a profusion of hibiscus, exalted by scrumptious strawberries and enveloped with delicious rose petals notes. A delight you will return to over and over again.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

1 thought on “Romancing the Beach from Beach House Teas. . . . .

  1. Thank you for the review of our tea. We appreciate the feedback. We have found that the late season Oregon Hood strawberries that we used in our final batches of the season were rather unflavorful, which more than likely was the case with your sample. This year we are only including height of season berries only in hopes to have more consistency in flavors throughout our batches and more of that strawberry taste.

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