Iced Kiss from Tea Taxi . . . . .

I discovered TeaTaxi over a year ago while sitting in a class and scrolling through Instagram. Flavor after flavor popped up on various tea blog accounts and I was intrigued since, much like DAVIDsTEA, TeaTaxi offered a great deal of unique and exciting flavors. I explored their website and thanks to their sampler packs and discounted tea tins, I was able to try a large variety of their offerings for a relatively inexpensive cost. I bought about 25 different teas and could not be happier when my order arrived.

This tea, Iced Kiss, was the first tea I tried from that order. That means it was the first TeaTaxi tea I ever tried. I recall enjoying it a great deal but that could have been due to my excitement over something new, tricking me into thinking the tea was better than it was.

I continued to try the teas from that order and most were enjoyable enough. As a result, when TeaTaxi introduced their monthly subscription, I signed up immediately for a one-year subscription. Among the latest delivery was a sample of this tea again. I saw it as a chance to revisit an old friend and see if it was as good as I remembered, or if my first taste excitement tricked me into enjoying the tea more than I would have otherwise.

Given this is called ICED Kiss, I brewed this up as an iced tea. It steeps up a pretty light pink with a little bit of fruit dust floating in the mix. The flavor, though not the WOW drink I remember it being, is a pleasant balance of fruits. A little waxy at times but I get apple notes, pear notes, and strawberry all at once. The nice thing here is the hibiscus. I find all too often that it either takes over with its hibby tartness or that it gets omitted entirely and the resulting fruit tisane is over-the-top cloying. Here there is just enough hibiscus to temper the fruity sweetness without making this tart.

If I am being honest, this tea makes me think of a children’s juicebox – fruity and flavorful yet not entirely natural tasting. As far as fruit tisanes go, this is a middle-of-the-pack sort of beverage that I could either take or leave. I am not running to get more but I also would not turn away more if offered.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Fruit Tisane
Where to Buy:  Tea Taxi

A delectable infusion of apple pieces, pear pieces, freeze-dried strawberries and hibiscus blossoms. Its fruity and sensual fragrance will make your kisser irresistible!

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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