Three Reasons Why I Loved This Month’s Zen Tea Bar Box. . . .

With back to school shopping and my work schedule, this month has flown by.  It’s time again for that somewhat disorganized rush morning schedule of getting the kids up, making everybody’s lunch, reminding the kids to get up, reminding the kids to get dressed, remind the kids. . . . I think you get the picture.

All of that rushing around and my increased working schedule has been reaching for a good cuppa tea more and more. I think my tea intake has increased by ten fold, which cracks me up since I was already drinking pot fulls of tea each and every day.   This is where this month’s Zen Tea Bar Box fell wonderfully into my tea routine.

If you aren’t familiar with Zen Tea Bar, I highly encourage you to take a moment and check them out.   For about $10 a month, Zen Tea Bar will send you a sampling of different teas each month- ranging from loose leaf teas to tea bags.  This month’s box was full of such a great assortment, but three teas really caught my eye.

Alpine-Berry- Two Leaves and a Bud

Alpine Berry is a lovely tea pyramit/sachet full of fruit tisane goodness.  Hibiscus, apple pomace, rosehip shells,  and sweet blackberry leaves with a few other ingredients provide this tea with a gorgeous sweet-slightly tart flavor that soothed my crazed heart.  Brewed up hot, I wasn’t sure if I would like this tea seeing how much hibiscus was in the tea sachet, but honestly- the sweet flavor really countered the tartness well and I wasn’t left puckering after every sip.  Just a simple but very balanced herbal tea that I can only imagine would be a delight iced.  I didn’t even have to use honey.  I’m looking forward  to picking up more of this particular tea.


Pukka Tea and I have a love hate relationship.  I seem to either love or really dislike their teas.  But this particular blend fell into the love category.  Chamomile, hibiscus, rose, and vanilla Flavoring are the key ingredients in this blend.

The most prominent note from this tea bag brewed hot is a smooth vanilla rose flavor with a hint of a tart finish. I drank this tea until the lovely herbs couldn’t give anymore.  Womankind was probably my favorite tea included in this month’s box.

Typhoo Tea

Typhoo Tea is a tea company that has always caught my eye while I’m doing a bit of shopping on Amazon, but I’ve never taken the step to add the tea to my cart. Personally, I do not drink a lot of bagged black teas and find myself more of a green and white tea kinda gal.

Brewed up hot, this tea reminds me of my childhood when I was sick and my mom would make me up a cuppa black tea (typically Lipton) with a touch of honey to make me feel better.  My mom is a strictly decaf black tea-Lipton- lady who doesn’t stray from her brand.  Growing up, she would always bring her own little baggie of Lipton tea bags and her own sweeteners to restaurants.  When the waiter would ask her what kind of tea she would like after she ordered hot tea, she would sweetly respond- “None. I brought my own- I just need the water”.

That is why I loved this tea. The flavor was fine. I can’t say the tea itself stood out to me. Malty and sturdy, this tea was a typical no flair sort of black tea.  I would have no problem drinking this tea again but I can’t say I would actively jump on the chance to buy more.  Where this tea shined for me was it gave me a moment to reflect on memories that I had forgotten about.  That is the sign of a good zen-ful moment with a cuppa tea.

I still have a few more teas to check out and enjoy from this month’s Zen Bar Tea Box, but I have to say, I’m already looking forward to September’s box!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Monthly Tea Subscription Box
Where to Buy: Zen Tea Bar

The ZenTeaBar family is completely in love with our connection to nature!

Kelly, creator of realized there is more to just a cup of tea. The “ZEN” vibes you feel…that flowing mindfulness, the connection! We should  Zenfully sample teas we love!  During this process, a few questions came about:

-How can we select the perfect tea with all the tea options available today?
-How do we experience the true benefit of a tea leaf?

-How can we share the “ZEN” vibe?

Through this realization is how blossomed.

Our goal is to expand a new way for you to Zen-fully experience teas you love in the most comfortable, elegant way possible.

All of our boxes are individually stamped, folded, and packed by hand; and are infused with our team’s Aloha and good vibes.

We’d love to have you along on this ZenTeaBar venture with us!


Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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