Superfruit Goji Berry from Storehouse Teas. . . .

I ordered myself a few samples from Storehouse Tea, and when they arrived, I gleefully told my office tea-mate, “IT’S TEA-TRYING TUESDAY.” She excitedly nodded and took herself a sample.

Guys, it’s Wednesday.

I don’t know if she didn’t notice either, or if she was just being nice.

Anyway, today’s blend, Superfruit Goji Berry, is a green tea with berries (obviously) and lemongrass. I made myself some iced tea with it because it’s summer, even though I had to wear a hoodie to the gym this morning. (What is this? Iceland?) (You don’t know where I’m from, I just realized. It’s Pennsylvania.)

The berries are a little bit tart, which is offset by the lemongrass, which is so sweet it is almost minty. (Usually you’d think it’d be the other way around with those flavors). You can taste the green in there, which gives the affair a wry sass. The green here is like a cool substitute teacher, overseeing everything but not sending you to the principal when you curse.

What is a goji berry, you may be wondering. WELL. According to the Holy Grail of Information (uh, the Internet), it contains “all 8 essential amino acids” and “a surprising amount of protein.”

Goji berries also, horrifyingly, “can cause miscarriage.” The site I went to mentioned the “don’t eat these while pregnant” with a really casual air before going on to say that Goji berries make you stronger, thinner, more resistant to disease, and longer-lived. I was like “so… you’re just going to drop that heavy bomb and walk away, site? SERIOUSLY?”

There are only a few berries in here, and they’re dried and mostly for flavor, but this is a thing that I think my review should mention. I’m not using my body to create other, smaller bodies at this time, so this is irrelevant to me. If, however, you’re pregnant, you might want to look into this detail before purchasing this tea. Talk to a professional. Not me. My degree is in fonts, basically.

Anyway, I’m enjoying this tea. I look forward to this superfruit giving me the power to live forever, save orphans from burning buildings, thwart tyrants, stand for social justice, etc. I hope to be the superfruit superhero you have always wanted.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Green
Where to Buy:  Storehouse Teas

Bright red Goji berries blended with rich green sencha, lemongrass, and a fruity pomegranate flavor.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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