Purpose Purple Super Tea. . .

Who doesn’t love the idea of fresh brewed tea in a convenient bottle-ready to go whenever you need it? And to boot being purple tea. . . I was all in.

Purpose Tea has created ready to go Purple Tea to enjoy any time. . .the first of its kind actually.  When the tea arrived at my doorstep, I quickly put the tea in my fridge to cool to enjoy on one of my commutes taking the kiddos to school.   The next day, I took the tea along with my hot tea to enjoy during the 50 minute or so drive.

My first instinct was that this had sugar in it and the thought of I wish this tea didn’t have that added sweetness.  Thank goodness the sugar is cane sugar and not added stevia so the sweetness didn’t have that odd after taste.  For a ready to go tea drink, the tea is really good but not one that I would drink everyday-which I will explain in a bit. All in all, this tea is refreshing and the taste is quite nice and light. I do drink purple tea and you can definitely get that remarkable flavor that only purple tea can deliver.

I will say that for me personally, the sugar is a bit overwhelming but I don’t drink a lot of sugar in my tea or really in any kind of beverage so my taste buds find that taste sharper than my husband did who drinks full leaded soda.  My husband absolutely adored this tea and ended up finishing the rest of it off.

If this tea was offered in a non sweetened version, I think I would have been head over heels.  But because of the sugar, it just wasn’t for me.  A wonderful idea and I hope to try more of their varieties soon and to learn more about the company.   Even though the first variety wasn’t a complete win for me, with how much my husband enjoyed this tea, I know its a winner for others!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Purple
Where to Buy: Purpose Tea

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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