Spooky Season Countdown! Cotton Candyman/Brutaliteas

Tis that time my friends! Time to enjoy all things spooky!

Being a massive horror fan and all things spooky enthusiast – I normally enjoy spooky season all year long but recently I have started to see a trend with more and more tea companies offering more spooky inspired teas. So all this month, we will be reviewing and featuring spooky and fall related tea goodness to get in the Halloween spirit.

If you aren’t familiar with Brutaliteas and enjoy scary movies, highly recommend taking a moment and checking out their website.   Their tea offerings combine their love for tea and heavy metal/horror with delights like Back in Blackberry and Chaiday the 13th.

Last year, I picked up their tea advent calendar but never tried all of the teas .  Thought this would be the perfect time to dive back in and brew up a few cuppas before this year’s advent is released.

Cotton Candyman- an herbal blend of butterfly pea flowers, blue raspberry flavoring and cotton candy flavor powdering is based off of one of my favorite horror franchises- Candyman. This movie terrified me as a child and still to this day, I have a healthy respect for mirrors.

This blend screamed for a cold brew so I set this blend up in my iced tea press for an afternoon treat.  First taste and I was hooked! This tea has an overwhelmingly delicious cotton candy flavor.  Truly is just like enjoying the delicious treat without all of the sticky mess that cotton candy can leave behind.  The butterfly pea flower lends itself beautifully to the sweetness and if I would have had more of the blend, I would have added in a touch of lemon juice to create a cotton candy lemonade.

I did try for a second steeping and the cotton candy flavor lessened (which makes sense) and the butterfly pea flower stands out more- which was a different kind of lovely in itself.  The blue raspberry flavor was a bit more pronounced in this second steeping.

All in all, such a lovely treat to enjoy and one I will be picking more up of soon.  Is it a proper homage to Candyman? I say 100% yes! I think he would approve.

Want to Know More About This Tea?

Leaf Type:  Herbal

Where to Buy:  Brutaliteas

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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